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Hey everyone! 

These past couple of weeks have been tough! I had a photoshoot with my friend Ryan, and those pictures ran out quickly. Does anyone else have trouble finding a stable photographer, because I certainly do! For this reason, I have tried to teach my boyfriend how to take decent photographs of me in my product. Our first attempt was yesterday. And let me say, I got very frustrated. So frustrated, that I was ready to give up, which was unfair. Some guys just do not have the eye for fashion, which means he did not know what he needed to capture in these photos. After a ton of practice shots, and loss of sunlight, we were able to capture 3 outfits. By the third one I could tell he was getting the grasp of things. This was probably due to me directing him. Let me say that trying to direct your own photographer, running to the car and changing outfits, looking for locations, and trying to get my son out of the frame, was a very difficult task. Have any of the momtrepreneurs out there gone through this? It was a mess, but I am happy with the photos he was able to capture before the sun went down. I am especially happy with the shots with my son, who did not want to get out of the frame. He wanted to be in front of the camera too, which I was not mad about it because he is a cutie! Within the next 3 days, I will be posting the shots that were taken during this hectic photoshoot. Let me know if you guys think I should hire my boyfriend as my permanent photographer! 

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