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Being fortunate enough to work from home with our son is such a blessing! To do so, making sure you have all the tools in home will be helpful.
When I first started, my first big purchase was my Apple MacBook Air. Murdered my wallet, but it was worth it. Without this important tool, it would be difficult to keep track of orders and upload photos. At the beginning, I was just using my iPhone 5 to take photos of my cousin modeling my clothes, along with the product shots. It just wasn't cutting it anymore. This is when I made another big move to purchase a Nikon D3300 to take all my beautiful photos. 
Oh yeah, don't forget the MOST important tool to running a smooth work day, SNACKS!
My second purchase were my clothing racks and hangers, too many hangers if you ask me. For a long time, I was folding my clothing into storage bins, but that got old really quick. Whenever a new order came in, looking into the bins always ended up being a disaster with clothes ending up all over the place, just to find a few items. So a few racks purchased from Downtown Los Angeles and boxes of nice velvet hangers from Costco was in order!
Ta da! This is the end result of the 2.5 year process of creating a workplace in my home. The above photo is half of my office. A place that now kicks my butt into gear, and a spot I love to sit in. My favorite thing in this room is the "Hi" wall art I purchased from Hobby Lobby ON SALE! Something about it brings warmth and happiness to the room. I'll list where I purchased all the furniture and decor down below, in case anyone is interested. The other half is not pictured because it is not quite done yet. Just a bunch of racks lined up against a wall. Don't worry, you aren't missing much. Ill post that photo once its all up and ready! 
Safavieh Rug from Target:'x9'-/-/A-26393450
Table top from Ikea:
Table legs from Ikea:
Chairs from Ikea:
Trunks + Mannequins: 
Stores closed down :( 
Single chair from Target: 
Old purchase, but they have similar items. 
Wall Art from Hobby Lobby:
Sold out :(
- L U C K Y L A C E

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