DIY Modern Pots

Posted by Tawnylace Taino on

So, today consisted of utlilzing the creative part of my brain and making my own cutesy, modern pots. I took different ideas off of Pinterest, and designed my own, to my liking, instead of paying an arm for one. And, let me tell you, it is too easy to recreate some of the designs being sold at Target or even Urban Outfitters. I bought the ceramic pots from Hobby Lobby when they were having a sale on their ceramic pots. Check every week for their new sales, and I am sure you'll catch it! For paint, I just used basic paint that I had laying around the house I purchased from Michaels a long time ago, so I am not too sure what the brand is since it has magically disappeared. Any paint will do! 
This was a fun and relaxing project, that you should all try! Get your brains working and you hands dirty, I promise you a great time! 
-Lucky Lace 

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