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Being a mom and business owner is a life filled with trying to balance both, without neglecting one or the other. Lucky for me, I work from a laptop and phone from wherever we are. Sometimes, while I am "hanging out" with my family, and simultaneously on the phone, life just doesn't feel right. I begin to feel that sense of neglect. In reality, my body is there, but my mind is working on an order. When this feeling becomes overwhelming, I remember what is truly important to me: FAMILY.
For this reason, we made some changes to the photoshoots. Instead of it being all about me, I made it a point to include my boys to make it more of a "momtrepreneur lifestyle" type of energy. Not only do the photos look more relaxed and candid, but it also shows that you can be both- mom and business owner. 
Don't get me wrong, it is hard, but it is worth every bead of sweat! 
- L U C K Y L A C E

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