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Hey everyone!

I know it has been quite a while since I have published a blog post, but I'm back with some tragic news. 

Our Instagram account, Shop_LuckyLace, recently got hacked. Some sick person decided to hack onto our account, and post a nasty pornographic photo. Someone then reported the photo, and Instagram contacted me to verify who I was. Little did they know or care, that they were negatively impacting a small business in a huge way. 

With this happening, Instagram restricted my audience, which was definitely hurting business. We tried reaching out to them, but heard nothing back (until now). With no time to waste, we started a new Instagram account, @ShopLuckyLace (no underscore).

So, this is where you all come in. We need you all to unfollow the old account, and continue following us on our new shop account @ShopLuckyLace. Although we are saddened that the three years of hard work on the old account is now gone, we are so excited to start fresh with a new look! This is just a minor setback for the shop, but I believe good things will come out of this! Please spread the word! Thank you so much for all your continuous love and support!


Lucky Lace 

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