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If you don't already know, that is me up there! I am currently wearing The Diane button up, and I love it! I named this piece the Diane top because it reminds me of something Diane Keaton would wear. She is one of my fashion icons, so it was only right to name one of my favorites in her honor. The construction and style of this top screams Ms. Keaton! 

My friends Liza and Dayleane have been trying to convince me to start blogging. I think it is time that I start blogging more about my clothing instead of continuously positing pictures of the clothing I am selling. I know that gets kind of boring to see on your feed. So as of today, I will begin taking lifestyle type pictures of myself in the product being sold in the store to try and bring them to life for you all! I am not very good at smiling in from of the camera, so bare with me. This will be a huge change and task for me, but ill get it down! 

Let me know what you guys think down below of the new change of my Instagram feed! Until next time...

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